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Day Shift Film Ending Explained

“Day Shift” ends with Bud defeating Audrey and saving his family. Big John survives, hinting at future adventures.

“Day Shift” is a 2022 Netflix film that mixes action, comedy, and horror. Jamie Foxx stars as Bud Jablonski, a pool cleaner who secretly hunts vampires. The film’s ending ties up many loose ends while leaving room for sequels.

Bud’s Final Battle

Bud Jablonski faces many challenges. He needs $10,000 to keep his daughter, Paige, from moving to Florida with his ex-wife, Jocelyn. His pool cleaning job is a cover for his real work: hunting vampires. He sells vampire fangs on the black market to make money.

Bud discovers that a powerful vampire named Audrey is behind recent attacks. Audrey, a real estate mogul, fills properties with vampires to grow their population. She kidnaps Bud’s ex-wife and daughter for revenge. Bud killed her daughter in the film’s opening scene.

Bud teams up with Seth, a union rep turned vampire, and Heather, a vampire who helps him. They plan a final assault on Audrey’s lair with Bud’s friend Big John. The climax happens in Audrey’s lair. Bud, Seth, and Heather infiltrate it, but things look subpar until Big John arrives with a massive gun. He sacrifices himself by setting off a bomb vest, allowing Bud to confront Audrey.

The final battle between Bud and Audrey is intense. Bud runs out of silver bullets, and it seems like Audrey will win. But Bud uses a nearly invisible silver wire stretched across the room. As Audrey charges at him, she is decapitated by the wire, mirroring the opening scene. With Audrey defeated, Bud rescues his family.

Aftermath and Big John’s Fate

After the battle, Jocelyn decides not to move to Florida. She reconciles with Bud, acknowledging his role as a vampire hunter. Seth, now a vampire, remains Bud’s loyal friend and partner in vampire hunting. The film ends on a positive note, with the characters solider and more united.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the ending is Big John’s fate. After his apparent sacrifice, the final shot reveals him climbing out of a manhole, alive and well. He lights a joint and walks off into the night, delivering the line, “That’s what I love about L.A., all the damn vampires” (Film School Rejects). This scene hints at the possibility of Big John being a vampire himself, potentially setting up future storylines.

Themes and Character Arcs

Family and Friendship

The central theme of “Day Shift” is the importance of family and friendship. Bud’s primary motivation throughout the film is to provide for his daughter and keep his family together. Despite the supernatural chaos, the film emphasizes that love and loyalty can overcome any obstacle. The bond between Bud and Seth also evolves from initial distrust to a solid, lasting friendship, even after Seth becomes a vampire.

Redemption and Sacrifice

Bud’s journey is one of redemption. He starts as a down-on-his-luck father but ends as a hero who saves his family and friends. Big John’s sacrifice underscores the theme of selflessness, as he risks his life to protect others. His survival at the end adds a layer of mystery and potential for future development.

Potential for a Sequel

The film’s ending leaves several threads open for a potential sequel. The mention of El Jefe, a 700-year-old vampire and Los Angeles drug lord, suggests a formidable antagonist for future installments (Screen Rant). Additionally, the survival of Big John and the formation of Bud’s vampire-hunting team, including superb vampires like Seth and Heather, sets the stage for more adventures.


“Day Shift” delivers a satisfying and action-packed conclusion while leaving room for future stories. The film’s blend of humor, horror, and heartfelt moments makes it a unique entry in the vampire genre. With solid performances from Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg, and the potential for further exploration of its characters and lore, “Day Shift” has the makings of a successful franchise.


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